Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Mekauri (I)
Current Pride Nawiri
Aliases Baku
Rank Pridal Advisor & Guardian


Bright golden fur that is as potent as a glare of afternoon sunshine encases this lion. It is not a tan nor a tawny, and is nothing even remotely resembling a shade of brown. It is gold… pure and unmarred and untainted. It lightens to white upon his muzzle as well as along his underside. The lengths of his lower legs, from his toes up to his knees, are also the same clean white hue.

His mane is a burning, fiery red… as if the molten gold of his body had been set aflame. As with his pelt, it contains not a hint of brown nor anything so subtle. It is robust and eye catching and is probably the most striking feature he wears. The fur is heavy and thick, coating his chest, neck, and head to leave only his ears and face visible. But even his face can't escape entirely for loose strands of his mane are constantly falling forward across his brow and into his eyes, which themselves are an abnormal shade of aquamarine. His mane is also not overly smooth in nature… more spiked and with a generally tousled look to it.

The lion's build isn't as overwhelming as some roaming the savannas but it is most certainly there. Muscle is most noticeable in layers throughout his chest and shoulders and also running through his haunches. He walks on distinctly broad paws which occasionally show the very edges of his naturally red colored claws.


Bakunja and his twin brother, Goddatumba, were the first-born sons to Sahau and Leini. The pride was so heavily involved in their traditional ways, which allowed only a single king to rule over the lands, that Sahau was eventually faced with having to choose either Bakunja or Goddatumba as his heir. The twins tried tirelessly to convince their father to let them both rule together in a co-kingship, side by side as they always had been; but in the end, Sahau did not buy into the idea and would not go against tradition. He chose one of the twins' younger siblings, Gundulia, a younger brother from the royal couple's second litter to inherit the mantle. Spurned and furious, Bakunja and Goddatumba responded by abandoning their homelands on the dawn of their adulthood. They traveled far and saw much during their moons spent wandering, gaining knowledge and experience which further shaped their personalities… which themselves began to grow more individually distinct with the passage of time.

While the twins spent roughly a moon residing in the Pride Lands (much to the consternation of the local monarch), several of the original Mekauri pride members managed to track them down. And along with these resurfaced old pride members, the twins also found additional company through several others whose paths crossed with theirs. Soon enough, a new - albeit rather small - pride of their own had formed. Yet they still had no lands to call their own.

After a time of hard debate, during which the twins considered the possibility of overthrowing the local king and claiming his lands for themselves, they eventually chose to leave behind their aspirations in the Pride Lands in favor of finding territory not tainted by what they considered to be an unworthy ruler. Their group resided for a short time in the Crystal Mountains - where they met even more new faces - and shortly after they began looking for territory of their own. They eventually found what they were looking for, located to the south of the Uzima Valley and southwest of the Pride Lands. And so, finally, a new order of the Mekauri pride was officially founded.

The pride settled in quickly and Goddatumba stepped up as king, with Bakunja choosing to rescind himself from wearing the mantle beside his twin. He instead elected to serve as advisor, a role that, in theory, should have stood him beside Tumba to help guide his decisions when needed. Yet after many moons spent in the new territory… such proved not to be the case. With several major pridal decisions made and not having been consulted for advice about any of them, Baku began to feel restless and useless. His dissatisfaction only increased as more time went by, especially with his twin showing little to no desire to improve despite Baku's repeated attempts to speak with him. Eventually, Baku's patience expired - and when he was invited on a trip into Utatu with Nkosi, Baku readily accepted, glad for the opportunity to clear his head and search his heart.

The two friends spent their time in Utatu discussing their options… eventually deciding to try their luck at establishing a new pride with Nkosi as its king. So while Nkosi went to explore possible new lands for the pride, Bakunja returned to Mekauri to inform Goddatumba about their decision… yet no twin brother was to be found. After some investigation, Bakunja discovered Kizawaa in a sorry state just outside the northeastern Mekauri border. She told Baku that Goddatumba had departed, with Kithaura beside him, for the original Mekauri homelands… and that Tumba had no intention of ever returning. With the Mekauri pride subsequently disbanded, Baku invited Kizawaa and her remaining children to join Nkosi on his quest to find a new path.

After regrouping in Utatu, the small band of lions - including former Mekauri members as well as new aquaintances - made its way to the new territory that Nkosi had found. They, and the pride itself, were given the name Nawiri - which means 'to shine' or 'to thrive'.

The group settled in well and soon fell into a steady, satisfying routine of hunts and patrols. Not too long after their arrival, Nkosi asked Bakunja to serve as his personal advisor - a role which Baku gladly accepted with the knowledge that this time, it would be a role for him to play and not just an empty title.


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Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Sahau* Male Adult Lion Father Retired King of the Mekauri (I) Pride
Leini* Female Adult Lioness Mother Retired Queen of the Mekauri (I) Pride
Goddatumba* Male Adult Lion Brother (Twin / Littermate) Former King of the Mekauri Pride
Gundulia* Male Adult Lion Brother (Sahau x Leini's second litter) King of the Mekauri (I) Pride
Mbaramwezi Male Adult Lion Brother (Sahau x Leini's second litter) Rogue


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