Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Cub
Birth Pride (none)
Current Pride Nawiri
Rank Pridal Youth


The form before you is that of a youngster. He's old enough to be able to eat meat, so he seems to have gotten by on scraps and bits that he could find. He is on the scrawny side thanks to this, though his paws are huge - showing that, if given the chance, he'd grow into a large adult. His color is rather interesting, a pale yellow, almost cream flows across his form. A ash gray is seen across his underside, paw tips and around his eye. Rich golden red fur is seen across the top of his head and down to about his shoulders in a rather interesting mohawk look, the same color is seen upon the end of his tail. Bright crystal blue eyes are also seen upon this youth as well. Three jagged pink scars rest across his shoulders and are also seen running down the side of his right foreleg, no telling just how he got them.

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