Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride (none)
Current Pride Nawiri
Rank Huntress


Kaless is, when in full sight, obviously a maturing lioness only just over the line of being an adolescent which shows mostly in a diminutive stature. Her small body is also leanly built, her fur coarse and light enough to be a sandy like hue which tends to look darker along the line of her shoulders and paws.

She is, of course, four legged, her rear legs larger then her forelimbs to better support her weight in leaping forward or the likes, though all four limbs support her small frame lightly enough that her overall movements are suppressed and near silent. The rest of her body caries on with the lithe, lean image of a huntress running all the way down it until ending in the long length of a thick, leonine rope line tail prone to swishing in the air quite randomly.

Her head is unmanned (being as she's a female!) but the fur along the underside of her jaws, chin and leading onto her chest is especially bright in its light tone, the fur along her chin jutting out a touch in the process. Her ears are surprisingly small, rounded little things atop her head with a light fur tufting covering up their insides at the base. The top of her and out across the top of her head has a more traditional tawny pelt, the darker coloring meaning the hazel color of her eyes doesn't come out especially well.
The front of her muzzle carries a series of black spots from where her long whiskers jut out to either side of her face, while the traditional line between her nose and her lips that all felines have is a black marking, her nose itself is actually pink around its front too. Most the time her mouth is closed to hide her sharp teeth, but sometimes they flash. She seems fairly healthy, cheery most of the time (honest), though she still has the natural body of a predator, just a young one.

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