Name Meaning "Shine through Darkness"
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Ngano Pride
Former Pride Mekauri (II) Pride
Current Pride Nawiri Pride
Aliases Kiz, Kiza, Kizzy
Rank Huntress
Current Status Thin and Withdrawn


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Even in the darkness, some can shine brightly. Kizawaa has the lean, muscular form of a practiced huntress, tempered slightly by a girlish countinance. She has lived both as a pridal lioness, and as a rogue, each one lending it's touch to who she has become as an adult. The majority of Kiza's pelt is a cream tone, lending her well to savannah life. Darker tones of chocolate brown mark the undertones around her muzzle, eyes, ears, and belly. The back of each ear is marked with a small spot of white. A thin line of darker fur runs from the nape of her neck down to the base of her long tail. A plain black nose is set before a pair of stunning blue-gray eyes. Slightly longer fur hangs in a tuft on her forehead, tipped with the same dark brown that marks the fur at the end of her tail.


It was the end of a time of plenty when she was born, along with seven other cubs that made up the two litters thought to be the future of their small pride. One litter was born to the queen, the other to her lifelong friend and pride sister. From the beginning, there was competition between not only the mothers, but the cubs, for attention. Their father was known as a storyteller, so he'd often sit, crouded around by cubs, telling fables and legends to wide-eyes and open ears. Everything seemed to be going right for the small pride. Even if there was a little squabbling now and then over who gets to sit by dad, mostly, things were peaceful. However, with the change of the seasons, so changed what seemed like a bright future, into a harsh and dry existance. The little group suffered for lack of food and water. One by one, the 'dry' began to claim cubs, leaving behind heavy hearts. When the rains finally came again, only two cubs had survived. As one girl cub took her place before her father's paws, he gave her the name 'Kizawaa', meaning 'shine through darkness'.

However, survival for the young lioness and her royal half-sister did not mean survival for the pride. While her father had always seemed wise with his stories, he had one fatal flaw. He believed himself to be the hero of his own story, and thus he often took risky gambles, thinking that things -must- turn out for him in the end, right? When a rogue lion wandered into their territory, the king did exactly that. Rather than calling in the aid of his brother in a neighboring pride, he insisted that he alone was strong enough to beat one lone, scrawny rogue. Unfortunately, the rogue was no pushover. Seasons of fighting for every scrap he could lead him to be a ruthless fighter. The battle raged for what seemed like hours, each line taking terrible, bloody wounds. In the end, the king won out… barely. The lionesses buried the rogue near the borders and turned their attention to their now dying king. His wounds were simply too much to overcome, and even with his dying breath, the king refused to believe that this was how his story would end.

Kizawaa and her pride sisters were left without a ruler, and without a future. They stuck together for a time, managing to turn away a few young males who thought them an easy opportunity. In the end however, one by one the lionesses began to go their separate ways, seeking the companionship of new prides. So as the last of her pride sisters left, Kiza set off on her own… hoping she might find a place to call home once more. And for a time, she did find a home.

Having taken in an abadoned cub, Kizawaa kept to the fringes of the pridal lands. After a confrontation with a wild young lion named Jinko who had been banished from his homelands, Kizawaa sought out the protection of two brothers who had come from a distant land. For a time, her heart was torn between them, but she chose Goddatumba as her mate. Together, they forged a new pride in the lands nearby. However, life would not remain blissful or safe. Kizawaa continued to feel as if she were not valued as much as the king's other mates - his hunt mistress Laini and his head guard Kithaura. Her own cubs were overlooked as possible heirs to the throne. While she continued to support her mate, others in the pride were already unhappy with the way things were progressing. In a bit of an ironic move, Goddatumba offered to let Kizawaa rule by his side as queen, but before ever making it official, he left.

Under the pretense of returning to his father's lands to visit the ailing King, Goddatumba, Kithaura and a few others left from the Mekauri lands. With Bakunja and Nkosi already gone to Utatu due to a disagreement with the Mekauri King, Kizawaa was largely left alone with the remaining members of the pride. Time passed. The pride's majordomo caught Kizawaa's attention as she attempted to lead a hunt after Laini's disappearance. She brought the news that Goddatumba and the others had no plans of returning. The news… was heartbreaking. There was no reason, no explination, simply an abandonment of everything they had built. The lionesses mostly went their separate ways, with no king to bind them together. Once again… Kizawaa was a rogue, but this time she had her children with her at least.

In a moment of deja vu, she encountered Bakunja on the borders to the Mekauri lands. With no place else to go, and no wish to remain in the lands of her mate's failed pride, Kizawaa agreed to join him and Nkosi as they made plans to start a new pride. For Kizawaa, though, the loss still lingers.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Liwaza* Female Lioness Mother Huntress of the Ngano Pride Deceased
Ngano* Male Lion Father King of the Ngano Pride Deceased
Rajua* Female Lioness Half-Sister Ngano x Mkutano Litter NPC Huntress - Adoptable
Kujiua* Male Lion Adopted N/A Deceased/Missing
Tiombe Female Lioness Daughter Unknown Deceased/Missing
Diallo Male Lion Son Unknown Alive
Tylith Female Lioness Daughter Amateur Huntress Alive

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