Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride (none)
Current Pride Nawiri
Rank Huntress


Lotusa is a young lioness, most likely having just entered adulthood. Her fur is rather light colored, not white, but a very light shade of tawny that compliments her light green eyes. Those eyes sparkle with mirth more often than not, the young lioness giggling easily at most any situation. She seems to be a lighthearted soul, to say the least.


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Bakunja Male Adult Lion Mate Guardian


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Father
Aki Male Lion Cub Son Bakunja
Igolide* Male Lion Cub Son Bakunja
Lana Female Lioness Cub Daughter Bakunja


*These characters have either never existed on the Muck, or have been @toaded.
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