Name Meaning Ruler
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Utatu
Current Pride Nawiri
Rank King
Current Status Alive & Healthy


Not much over average size for a lion. Nkosi still holds himself up by the grace of the gods. He doesn't define himself by looks but he doesn't look all that bad. His fur is a rich golden honey that mixes into a thick rich dark maple syrup color, this color also can be found around his eyes and the tips of his paws. His eyes of amber have a new glimmer of hope.


Nkosi - meaning 'Ruler' - was born in the Utatu to Adhimisha and Raha. He was the little daredevil of the family, always testing his limits with what he could get away with. Picking on his sister Laini seemed the natural thing to do. Meeting his Grandfather Mtunga was great and he looked forward to his visits.

As a youngling, he thought that there wasn't anything he couldn't do. Nkosi grew very fond of the water and loved it even more when his parents or Mtunga would make him feel like he was flying. Getting in trouble though, he had to stay in the cave and especially when word of the plague that was sweeping Utatu came to them. He loathed being trapped inside. All the adventure was outside!

The plague forced Adhimisha and Raha to make a tough decision to move their family to the Pridelands. Losing two cubs to this sickness they didn't want to lose Nkosi or Laini. Along the trip, Nkosi fell ill and was left for a time at the borders. But fate was on his side and he recovered, joining his family among the Tsavo pride.

He grew rather fond of his Tsavo family. He liked watching his Great-Grandfather Mtukutu ruling the lands proudly. But even though he loved his family, Nkosi felt strangely out of place. A meerkat - Lindani - eventually became his best friend.

As many do as they grow, Nkosi went through a time of rebellion. This was around the time the 'curse' was among the Tsavo pride and he foolishly was giving himself to it. It was Adhimisha, Mtukutu, Lindani, and Raha that ultimately caused his turn around. Frightened because the curse held him so tightly that he wanted to kill family, Nkosi took it upon himself to leave - hiding back among the Utatu lands.

Making another return to the Tsavo pride, Nkosi learned that his father also went to the Utatu. Maturing with the aide of an old panther, Nkosi still could not find his place. Anger once again started to overtake him when he learned that Adhimisha had decided to leave his mother. His father has not been seen since.

But so much more was happening. He was growing to close to the queen of the Tsavo. Two lion twins also showed up in the Pridelands, causing their share of trouble. Finally, his sister left with those twins when they went to establish a new pride - blazing a path for her own life. And when a drought hit the Pridelands hard, life didn't seem /that/ bad… but Nkosi did grow weary as his mother sunk into a depression.

He eventually decided to visit his sister among the Mekauri pride. In doing so he met with one of the twins again. Goddatumba was the king of the Mekauri. It all went faster than Nkosi could think, but he was asked to join. The drought being what it was, he decided to do so and never got to tell his family from the Tsavo why he left.

Some moons later, Nkosi was called to a meeting and was able to meet King Mzohari of the Kopje pride. There he learned that they wanted to go after Mtukutu and run his pride away from the Pridelands. Asked to aide, he turned them down, wanting no part in facing off with family.

Time among the Mekauri was not all bad - but it wasn't all good either. He grew a close friendship with Bakunja, the twin brother of Goddatumba. King Goddatumba himself fell into a deep depression and was making life uncomfortable for many in his pride. The day ultimately came that Nkosi decided that enough is enough. Needing to get away, he along with Bakunja and a few others went to the Utatu for various reasons.

It was there that Nkosi and Bakunja decided it was time they go their own way. With his best friend Bakunja by his side, the Nawiri pride is just beginning to dawn. A whole new adventure waits to unfold.

Family Ties

Name Sex Species Relation Status Pride
Tylith Female Adol Lioness Mate Alive Nawiri
Adhimisha Male Adult Lion Father Alive Rogue
Raha Female Adult Lioness Mother Alive Tsavo
Dayo Male Lion Cub Brother - 2nd litter Alive Tsavo
Laini Female Adult Lioness Sister - 1st litter Unknown Rogue
Lanaika Female Lioness cub Sister - 1st litter Deceased Utatu
Hilali Male Lion Cub Brother - 1st litter Deceased Utatu
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