Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride (none)
Current Pride Nawiri
Rank Huntress


Razeyah is a young lioness. Her fur is a dirtied tan with a lighter strip running from her underbelly down to her four paws. She has one notable scar, a set of claw marks on her right hindleg.


She has a generally perky disposition, at least when she is away from males. The girl was the runt of a litter of six cubs. As she grew her father treated her like crap, claiming she was a waste of fur because she never could keep up in roughhousing and such with her four brothers. The one sister she had ran away because of their father's abuse and Raz has never seen her since. The lioness isn't afraid of males per say, but she is overly formal and submissive to them due to her father's punishment whenever she spoke up against anything he didn't agree with. One mark that is a result of this is the set of claw marks on her leg.


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Bakunja Male Adult Lion Mate Guardian
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