(pronounced shy-are-ee)
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Natamba
Current Pride Nawiri
Rank Huntress


Before you is a young adult lioness in her prime named Shairi, daughter of Sumi and Tamba of the Natamba Pride. Her fur is of a medium brown color, which easily looks lighter than that when the sun shines on it. While her tail tip is a darker brown, her underside and inner thighs are a tawny brown color, much like her mother's fur color. Her size and her mature posture not only suggests, but confirms her age to be a young and beautiful adult. Her body has grown a lot since her cubhood, stretching tall and graceful. Her body has finally reached her adult size and it's clear if she stands side by side to an adult lion that she's almost a head taller than one. But this bigger frame hasn't reduced her grace and agility in the least. Her slim, lithe, and muscular body, mature expressions, and the way she carries herself are all proof of her new adulthood. And as she looks around with her bright (and unusual) indigo eyes, it's clear that she is a very intelligent lioness.


Name Sex Age/Species Relation Rank
Sumi Male Adult Lion Father King of the Natamba Pride
Tamba Female Adult Lioness Mother Huntress of the Natamba Pride
Tahzhoo Male Elder Lion Paternal Grandfather Elder of the Natamba Pride
Kyoko Female Adult Lioness Paternal Grandmother Huntress of the Kopje Valley Pride
Mtukutu Male Adult Lion Maternal Grandfather King of the Tsavo Pride
Hamaki Male Elder Lioness Maternal Grandmother Elder of the Tsavo Pride
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