Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Utatu
Current Pride Nawiri
Rank Huntress


Her fur is a soft and a rich golden tan all over. Her eyes over time have faded into a dark amber, and the tuft of her tail is a dark toffee. All four paws seem to be dipped in silver fur, a trait she has inherited from her father.


Shuka was born as part of the Utatu pride to Mashaka and Kwa'moyo. As far she she knows, she is the only surviving child of the pair. She didn't know a whole lot about her mother when she was little since she was absent. Mostly she spent her days with her father and Uncle Mtunga.

Mtunga helped to keep her entertained. She grew very fond of her Uncle, he was like a second dad within her eyes. Unfortunately though, Shuka has her mothers wandering spirit that took her away from the Utatu.

Learning of the plague that has taken the Utatu. Her heart grew heavy when she returns long enough to find no one present. Finding her mother again among the Tsavo pride she stays close for a while before moving on again.

She came across the Mekauri. After joining them she kept a safe distance from everyone. Bakunja though was the one to break down the walls of her heart. A love developed and she has become one of his mates.

Now she has moved on with Bakunja and others as part of the Nawiri Pride.


Name Relation Status Pride
Mashaka Father Alive Kopje Elder
Kwa'moyo Mother deceased Tsavo
Bakunja Mate Alive Nawiri
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