Name Meaning Wise Spirit
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride Mekauri II
Current Pride Nawiri
Rank Huntress
Current Status Healthy


The many moons under the sun have proven their worth; for as one grows so does the shine of gold that's been carried upon this lionesses pelt. Like an ember cast from its blaze, strands of red lay in pigment throughout her coat. Outlining the eyes, paws, chest and underbelly is a shade of chocolate brown. Long, slender and ever strong, her body bares no marks from the hardships of life or the dearing ventures of youth. Down her neck, a red strip, which starts from her head, grows thin as it flows down the spine of her back. The tips of a light truff upon her head are pale crimson in color; long and hiding her left eye with a few well placed strands. Elegant is her face; easy on the eyes, a calm and peaceful gaze greets you in gentle smile. Her eyes are ever the same; as pale as the moon but as bright as fire itself. The truff on her tail, the odd piece of the puzzle, a creamy brown, its tip a fire red.


As a cub Tylith was always running about with a smile on her face and having fun; and its such a mentality thats brought her this far. Even now she retains her childish nature and prefers to seek out the good things in life rather than the bad. Though such a nature has become a major part of her lifestyle she's adopted a serious side as well knowing when to stop being a child and to be an adult. Violence has never been an option with her; if there's a way to settle conflict in a peaceful manner she'll be the first to exploit it, shedding blood as a last resort. She is a fighter and not afraid to show it. Loyal to her pride and family; she's the one lioness you can go to if you even need some cheering up.


Second of three, she was one of the first to be born amongst the Mekauri Pride; a sign that even new life can come from hard times. She remained unnamed several days after birth before her father Goddatumba announced her as Tylith which meant 'wise spirit'. As he grew older it was obvious that she was like her father; or least when it came to coloring. Tyl' was very childish and sot nothing but the best things in life - play and adventure.

By adolescence there were plenty of wonderful times but with all good things there were all the bad. Though she made not of shown it, she began to pick up on the subtle signs of the prides feuds and eventual fall. Never one to let the bad times get to her she continued on making sure life was peaceful for those to young to understand. Just moons before adulthood, the most heartbreaking event strikes not just the Mekuari but Tylith as well. It was the day her father and those most loyal to him broke off from the pride and decided to return to a life of the past. With not even a word he left her. her siblings and mother; the family he once loved now betrayed.

Life wasn't always tainted however, as her uncle, Bakunja, returned from his trip with Nkosi in Utatu and accepted Tyli' and her family into a new pride - The Nawiri. Knowing nothing but the pridal life, Ty followed suit after her mother several days later; hard for her to leave the only place she's ever known. Upon arriving in Nawiri, she was taken by the beauty of the place but felt alone when finding herself separated from the rest. It was several days later that she met up with Nkosi; the one lion she'd grown fond of over the years and knew she could trust. Becoming familiar with new lands was no easy task but became easier with the help of Nkosi who traveled with her. His company was a blessing for they soon became mates even though she was still an adolescent. A new life had to be started and she knew that is was possibly as she became an adult with him by her side.

Family Ties

Name Sex Species Relation Status Pride
Nkosi Male Adult Lion Mate Alive Nawiri King
Goddatumba Male Adult Lion Father Alive Former Mekuari II King
Kizawaa Female Adult Lioness Mother Alive Nawiri
Diallo Male Adol. Lion Brother - Littermate Alive Rogue
Tiombe Female Adol. Lioness Sister - Littermate Unknown Rogue
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